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crudLi facilitates Create, Read, Update, Delete and Listing of your business data in the cloud without writing any code. Share your data securely in real-time among your employees and with customers, suppliers and partners.

How do you leverage data to empower your business?


Use crudLi to build all types of data driven business applications using forms and share it with your customers, suppliers and business partners. Let them help you with accurately sourcing your business data. Reduce your data entry expenses and improve your bottom line.

The crudLi platform is designed with simplicity in mind and includes only necessary features required to perform data management and workflow processing using forms.

Onboarding to crudLi is fast. You can use our resourceful library of reusable forms, customize it to suit your needs and profit.


Build web forms using our Form Builder Dashboard. Forms are versioned. Iterate over the build process until the form meets your needs. A variety of form fields provide no limit on the way to design the forms.


Style your form using one of the prebuilt themes or supply your own styling.

Upload your logo and images to match your existing applications.


Preview your forms to see how it appears.

Re-build or correct individual fields as necessary. Once satisfied, lock the version for production use.


Submit form to see how the data is captured.

Re-build or make corrections as required to perfect your form.


Secure your forms by adding access controls and authorizations. Forms can be public or private and accessible to only pre-authorized users.


We supply industry and task specific pre-built well thought out form templates.

Use the template as is or customize it to your liking.


Automation happens gradually. Each form you build is added to your own custom library. You can enable/disable forms as needed while still retaining them in your library.


Make your forms accessible by embedding them into static websites, sharing it in emails and documents or integrating with chat applications.


Share your forms with office staff, technicians in the field, suppliers and customers. Share your forms liberally and have your business critical data accurately captured at the source in real time.


Creating data is as easy as submitting a form. The Submissions Dashboard gives you a choice of forms based on your authorization. Staff and partners can submit and re-submit with corrections as many times as needed.


Data Management Dashboard facilitates reviewing and updating submissions in real time and having it visible across all devices within milliseconds. Data flows easily through various linked forms providing an immersive experience.


Forms data can be removed by marking it for removal. Company and form policy will dictate if the data is flagged as removed or completely removed from the database.

List, Graphs & Charts

The captured forms data can be presented in numerous ways: Tabular lists, graphs, charts, etc., The presentation options can be specified during the form build and can be changed as needed any time.


crudLi supports linking multiple forms together for creating a business workflow. Multi step processing flows with approval and authorization steps are built-in.


Each form can be used independently. crudLi also provides dashboards for easy access to all of your forms and data. However, much more benefits can be derived by integrating your forms with your existing systems, static web sites, chat applications or legacy sub systems.

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